Cessationism versus Continuationism

This free book by Tekana Histrom is entitled Orthodox Christianity is a Cult. It seeks a Second Reformation. While taking Scripture very literally, it nonetheless proposes a unique, revolutionary corrective to the mainstream definitions of God, His power, His act of creation, His motive for creation, fellowship with Him, the nature of the human soul, prayer, revival, evangelism, missions, sanctification, church government, election unto salvation, and charismatic spiritual gifts (such as tongues, prophecy, and apostleship). It defends continuationism against cessationism. It even argues that the  three  most popular epistemologies are cultic insanity: (1) God is my final authority. (2) The church is my final authority. (3) Scripture is my final authority.

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The book was last edited/ updated on 09-01-2017.

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